Virtual Sailor 7 Boats

Models and Textures by Mike Sumner

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Cigarette Tiger

A 42 foot race/please boat built by Cigarette. Speeds in the 70+ knot range, and great rough water capabilities.

updated for VS7, now includes a pilot!


Cigarette Tiger

A fictional 42 foot raceboat built by Cigarette. Speeds in the 100+ knot range, and great rough water capabilities.

updated for VS7!

Skater 46 Catamaran

Based off the 46 skater campaigned by the Budwieser Select Racing Team, this boat is capable of over 140 Knots! This boat has advanced animations for pilots and engine hatches. Recently updated with new textures and models!


Based off the 72 foot pilot boat used by the columbia river bar pilots, this boat has a complete interior and interactive instruments.

Updated cfg file available HERE save it to your chinook2 directory, this file is included in the full download..

Mako 264 Center Console

Created to replicate the 26 foot center consolse created by Mako Marine, this boat has advanced pilot animations and fully interactive helm instrumentation.

Classic outboard Hydro

Based on designs that have been racing on rivers and lakes since the the 1950's this little rocket is excitement in its purest form! Make sure you only run it on a calm days! This boat has pilot animations.

Wellcraft 38 Scarab KV

Made famous on the hit TV show "Miami Vice" this boat is capable of 55+ knots, and handels like a dream! The boat has a fully animated pilot and a full cabin. Dig out a pastel shirt from you closet and take her for a spin!

Chesapeake Bay Skipjack

In 1865 Maryland removed the ban on harvesting oysters, but they required that powered boats could not be used. The result was the development of the Skipjack. A boat designed with the shallow waters and light winds of the Chesapeake in mind.

Maryland Deadrise

The workhorse of the Chesapeake Bay seafood industry. These boats are out working the waters every day. This pack includes three boats, a generic version, a crabbing version, and a clamming version.

USS Missouri (1945)

The Last Battleship built by the USA. Presented here as she looked in 1945. She features working guns, launchable scoutplanes and more!

A low resolution texture pack is available here, download and install to the boats/USS_Missouri_1945 directory in your VS folder.

USS Wake Island (1945)

A Casablanca class Escort Carrier used by the US Navy durring WWII. This model was built for a low-poly competition so she should run on any computer that can run VS!

The airplanes are an add-on pack available here, download and instal to the boats/USS_Wake_Island directory in your VS folder.

Harbor Patrol Boat

Another entry for the low-poly competition. This boat is based loosely on the USCG Defender Class. I textured her in a more generic fashion so she could be used anywhere in the world.

R/V Deep Explorer

My final entry in the low-poly contest. This is a SWATH (Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull) research boat, based loosley off one stationed in Hawaii. VS doesn't understand the SWATH hull, but I faked the cfg to act as realistic as possible, she is almost completely stable even in 15 foot seas.

16' Airboat

This was a quick little project based on a request from the VS forum. She needs calm water, but overall works pretty nice! An animated pilot, custom sounds give her a bit of extra flare.

Carver 3807 Aft Cabin

The boat my father owned in the mid 1990's. We cruised her all over the east coast of the USA. This model features a full interior, night lighting for the interior, lightup gauges and an animated pilot. This boat uses LARGE texture files, and may cause performance issues on some computers!


A fictional workboat, she can be used for pretty much anything you can think of. Model features night lighting, lightup gauges, and many animated features. This boat uses LARGE texture files, and may cause performance issues on some computers!


Elco 80' PT Boat

The plywood wonder from WWII! Relive the excitement as you blast across the waves in search of Japanese ships! This package contains two boats, a factory fresh version and a field modifed version with green paint, a howitzer on the bow and extra depth charges for sub hunting!


CA-68 USS Baltimore

The Baltimore class cruisers from WWII had a long and distigusihed life. Take charge of the seas or escort the CVE in this highly detailed model with full weapons and armored helm.


Baltimore Clipper

This model was originally built for a VS mod that died off, she is a nice low-polygon model that will work on any system that can run VS. She features an animated crew.


Fountain 35 Executioner

Blast across the waves in this high performance offering from Fountain Powerboats! She features animated crew, full detail helm, and loads of speed! this model features the cold fusion paint offered by Fountain.


Fountain 35 Executioner

An alternate Flag scheme applied to the 35 Executioner. This is just a repaint featuring this patriotic factory color scheme. (contains the full boat)


124' Mississippi River Towboat

A proposed towboat for the US Army corps of Engineers. Built from the proposal plans. She is big and powerfull. She is hard to control, but very rewarding once you get the hang of it. This download contains two boats, one with a four barge tow, one without any barges. This model features LARGE texture maps and my not run on some lowerend systems.


Ocean Yachts 50 Super Sport

The Ocean 50 Super Sport is a high performance off shore fishing boat. Built for pleasure and commercial work she is lavishly appointed. This model features a full helm, partial interior and animated crew memebers. This model uses LARGE texture maps and may not run well on some lower end computers.